Student Scholarship Information


Pick up an application in the Career Center at NC. Disregard the information below.

North Central High School Graduate:

Congratulations on your graduation from Spokane’s oldest high school. Now the North Central H.S. Alumni Association, representing over 35,000 graduates of the school since 1912, would like to help you fulfill your post-high school education goals.

The Educational Foundation was created in 2010 to provide financial grants to N.C. graduates attending colleges, universities, and technical schools.

Students are eligible to apply after completing the first year of a four-year college degree or at least six months of a two-year technical school certification.

The number of scholarships awarded each year will depend on the number of applicants and the funds available to the Foundation. The amount of each scholarship will vary, depending on the financial need of each recipient and the cost of tuition at the school the recipient is attending.

Recipients may reapply for a scholarship extension for their third and fourth years of college or third and fourth quarters of technical school.

To print out the application form, click on the link below. To increase your chances of earning this scholarship, please carefully read all instructions, answer all questions on the form, and meet the July 1 deadline.

Application Form

For more information contact
Alan Hanson at 509-466-3562 or

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