Generosity of Donors Is the Key
To Success of Scholarship Fund

It has taken over 100 years, but the alumni of North Central H.S. have finally established a scholarship fund. For many years, hundreds of high school alumni groups across the country have been helping their schools’ graduates with college and technical school expenses. Now NC’s alumni also have a way to help their school’s graduates afford post high school education in this era of ballooning tuition.

Initially, scholarships will be few and of moderate amounts, but as the fund grows, so will the income and the number and dollar amounts of grants that can be awarded in the future. Thus, NC alumni who make donations to the fund can be assured that their contributions will help support the Foundation’s scholarship program for decades to come.

The Foundation will also honor the wishes of donors who want to attach special conditions to their contributions. If a donor would like to fund a scholarship for a member of the current graduating class rather than contributing to the Foundation’s general fund, that condition will be met. An outright or cumulative donation of $10,000 or more qualifies the donor for a scholarship to be awarded every year in the donor’s name. A donation of $500 or more qualifies the donor for a single scholarship to be granted in the donor’s name.

Most donations so far have been “In Memory” of a fellow graduate, relative or special N.C. staff member. Class reunion groups are also encouraged to donate collectively. The Class of 1965 has already made such a contribution.

However, no donation is too small. It is hoped that all N.C. alumni will contribute what they can to the scholarship fund so that together we may help future graduates achieve their educational goals after high school, whether it be technical training or a college degree.

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