"We're through and through
Northsiders true, North Central High"

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The North Central High School Alumni Association represents the more than 35,000 graduates and former staff members of North Central H.S. in Spokane, Washington. The association was founded in 2008, following the celebration of the school’s 100-year anniversary.

The association has two major goals: (1) to foster a continuing connection between North Central H.S. and its alumni, and (2) to assist the school in its continuing mission.

The association provides financial assistance to current N.C. students in two ways. First, annual grants are made to a variety of school student groups. Second, the association has created an Educational Foundation to help the school’s graduates with college and technical school expenses.

Membership in the association is open to all former students and staff members of North Central H.S. Annual dues are $5. Members receive four quarterly newsletters by e-mail or USPS mail.

Membership information is available by using the button bar at left. Other buttons allow viewers to access the association’s newsletter archives and read about North Central's "Distinguished Alumni." Information about the association's scholarship program is also available.

Those wishing more information about the association can contact the association president, Alan Hanson, by phone at 509-466-3562; by USPS mail at 12007 N. Atlantic St., Spokane, WA 99218; or by e-mail at alanh111@comcast.net.

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